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If it’s on the internet, it must be true.  While we chuckle at that statement, we also know the dark side that the internet exposes.  There is much more misinformation than information floating around the franchise universe.  While it is easy to disregard the misinformation for what it is, it is hard to do so […]

Serious challenges to the existing franchise business model are centered on labor issues.  While labor issues have both political and practical considerations, they all are focused on the same pool of people and it’s that pool that I’d like to address from demographic and economic perspectives.  As we know, that unemployment rate is quite low […]

The franchise community, media, politicians, regulators and others are starting to understand the importance of measuring outcomes in franchising as a basis with which to understand a brand’s performance.  Outcomes measures have been led by lenders who assumed that a franchise system’s credit risk could, in large part, be predicted by measuring specific outcomes.  Terms […]

Franchisee or Prospective Franchisee Financing:  There are ONLY 2 Questions! Can my prospect get financing? This is the only question that you as a franchisor have when it comes to financing.  While this sounds very self-serving, it is true.  How often do you feel disheartened with dampened hopes after hearing a bank speak about their […]

Adopting NASAA Standard of Franchise Names and Definitions Last September the North American Securities Administrators Association’s (NASAA) released their multi-unit commentary whose goal is “to provide practical guidance for disclosing certain multi-unit franchising arrangements that have become common in franchising but that are not specifically addressed under NASAA’s 2008 Franchise Registration and Disclosure Guidelines or […]