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Group1Our people are our strongest assets. We work hard,  we support each other, and we learn to grow as a team. This culture has helped FRANdata become what it is today — the leading consulting and advisory firm in the United States.

We only pick the brightest minds and the most engaging and independent personalities, who don’t scare away from hard questions, and are driven by deep-seated inquisitiveness and a passion for franchising.


Like franchising, we take our coffee dead seriously here at FRANdata.

Freshly ground and slow filtered using boiling water to let the grounds flower- not the quickest way to have coffee, but one of the most perfect ways to bring out the best in your cup of joe.

At FRANdata we take our coffee VERY seriously

Much like how we brew our coffee — we don’t believe in doing anything simply because that is how other companies do it – we do things because it is the right thing to do for our clients and the best way to do it. No shortcuts, no easy-way-out.


Current Job Position Open:

Senior Marketing Research Analyst

Conduct & prepare reports on individual companies/industries including both standard/complex reports & generate ideas about how information can be developed, packaged, & sold to client; brainstorm ideas for custom research study & help draft proposals; mine disclosure documents for financial data; utilize survey tools such as IDIs, phone/online surveys to shape questionnaires; collect/analyze data from marketing surveys with statistical techniques including multivariate regression analysis & computer programs including EXCEL & SAS; respond to press inquiries w/ key industry statistics/analysis; lead team-based research projects & act as primary contact for senior clients; manage client relationships; interact with CEOs & other members of executive team for Fortune 500 & 1000 companies; conduct in depth phone interviews w/ executives about business operations; present findings. Req. Masters degree in Finance/Business or a related field; 2 yrs exp as a Market Research Analyst or finance/investment exp with 2 yrs exp conducting/ preparing company/industry reports; knowledge/exp in use of MS Excel including ability to model data, use macros & pivot tables; utilize linked databases & statistical methods (ie regression analysis) to extract meaningful information from datasets. Req. ability to use CapitallLine, MS Visio, SPSS & SAS; & all aspects of MS Office. Excellent References required. Interested? Email for more information. 


Working at FRANdata



“The level and diversity of clients I work with is hard to find elsewhere. One day I am working with the CFO of a major franchise brand, another day I am answering thought provoking questions from an industry reporter. I love the franchising industry and the dynamic people I get to work with both inside and outside of FRANdata.

Chen Wang Research Analyst  


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