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Is there a forecast tool that can help franchisees pick brands with higher growth potential? Whether you’re a buy-and-hold investor or looking for a quicker return building a new unit and selling it, the ability of a brand to expand over time obviously influences your investment decision but how do you evaluate that ability? Is […]

Nothing stays the same forever. In a world where things are always changing, sometimes you have to think about who you are and where you stand—and figure out whether or not it’s time for a refresh or a total change in direction. At its peak, Blockbuster Video had more than 9,000 stores. But starting next […]

For the last couple decades franchise development has consisted of casting marketing nets (ads, expos, websites, direct mail and so forth) and trying to attract franchisee prospects.  Further, for years franchisors have struggled to get franchisees to share business information as well as create a platform that is confidently secure, thereby taking advantage of one […]

Somewhat buried in a recent SBA information notice footnote (5000-180007 Updated Lender Portal), was the announcement of new PARRiS flags which will closely monitor start-up loans, small loans, export loans, and loans to hotels. These SBA-issued new risk-monitoring rules are meant to help SBA determine whether to conduct a lender audit. The new PARRiS flags […]

Almost 50% of Emerging Franchise Are Looking to Outsource Technology Functions Technology, Construction, Marketing, Real Estate, Legal Counsel — Among Top Functions That They are Looking to Outsource The emerging brand population is not insignificant. FRANdata adds 1-2 franchisors to its database each day. These franchisors tend to be smaller or new to franchising. In the last quarter […]