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On Real Estate: “Part of the secret to success is finding the right location. When it comes to opening a business, the three most important decisions many franchise partners will make are “location, location and location.” With a signed franchise agreement, a pocket full of financing and a solid plan ready to go, waiting to […]

“Nothing stays the same forever. In a world where things are always changing, sometimes you have to think about who you are and where you stand—and figure out whether or not it’s time for a refresh or a total change in direction. At its peak, Blockbuster Video had more than 9,000 stores. But starting next week, […]

On the rise of M&A activity in the mid-market franchise segment:  Franchising as a business model has always been about scale: taking a good concept and creating a great brand through the local owners acting as brand ambassadors. But as the top fills out for private equity investments, a more interesting trend is the rise […]

On moving away from IPOs: 2014. A year when franchises were the poster child for initial public offerings in the United States. According to Renaissance Capital, 41 IPOs were set to happen in 2014 and it was considered the best year for IPO deals since the tech-stock boom of 2000. Read more here. In the […]

On Dining Concepts: “The retail space is at an interesting cross-road in recent times. While commercial rents are falling, there’s a rapid increase in number closures at anchor stores like Sears, Toys R Us and Kmart. This climate is forcing traditional sit-down dining concepts to come up with innovative ways to disassociate their topline from […]