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Knowing your market and exactly who to target is the key to cost and time efficiencies when planning your market strategy. The right franchise contact list can be just the springboard needed to launch your franchise into the next phase. Streamline your marketing campaigns with the most verifiable source of franchisee information in the industry. Feel confident when implementing your nation-wide advertising campaign. Your opportunities broaden with the right people on your list.

A targeted contact list simplifies the path to reaching your business development goals.

The franchise industry is home to hundreds of thousands of resources, and we know that this network is key to maximizing the potential of any franchise-related market entry strategy.

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With over 25 years of working alongside franchisors, franchisees, lenders, and suppliers in the franchise community, FRANdata has accumulated a plethora of contacts to support growth within the industry.

Targeting Existing Franchisees

We have the only complete database of all franchised business locations and the franchisees who own them. Whether existing franchisees are the best prospects for selling your own units or you are a supplier trying to enter the franchise market and hoping to get the most bang for your buck, we can help you can find single-unit and multi-unit owners from any brand, in any industry, in any state of the US.

We provide business addresses, business phones, cell phones, home addresses, home phones, and emails.

The most comprehensive franchise database is available to you–

  • More than 440,000+ franchised unit locations in 230 industries
  • 210,000 franchisees and 43,000+ multi-unit operators
  • Food and non-food
  • Use demographic and psychographic filters to target your most likely prospects.
  • Access more than 150 million adult Americans who fit your target profile
  • Search Nationwide or in your specific territories/regions.
Hand Pick Your Best Prospects

Hand Pick Your Best Prospects

Our database contains unit and headquarter addresses for franchisees from every brand and in every industry across the United States.

Our source is the franchisors’ contact lists themselves thus we are THE MOST accurate and complete source for these lists.

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