Multi-Unit Franchising Conference 

The only event of its kind that focuses on the critical concerns of today’s franchisees. This conference is designed to help you identify ideas, take action, and create successful growth.


FRANdata Attendees:

Darrell Johnson

Bill Morabito

FRANdata Booth: 637




NAGGL Lender Technical Conference

NAGGL serves the needs and represent the interests of the small business lending community that utilizes SBA business loan programs. FRANdata is joining NAGGL in Indianapolis for its 33rd SBA Lending Technical Conference.

FRANdata Attendees: Edith Wiseman CFE, President, FRANdata


For more information:  NAGGL


IFA Legal Symposium

IFA’s 50th Annual Legal Symposium was designed by a task force of member volunteers with a particular emphasis on how legal and regulatory issues affect the everyday business operations of the franchise system.

How Financial Performance Representations Make Franchising Better

May 9th, 10:15-`11:30am

Darrell Johnson, CEO of FRANdata will lead a group of panelists in speaking about best-in-class franchise financial performance representations. There is a growing trend of franchisors using FPRs to help franchisees in decision making. This is a very good thing; it good for franchisees therefore it’s good for franchising. Franchisees are able to write better business plans because of the presale disclosure that franchisors provide. This session will show the trends of making these disclosures. It will also describe the quality of these disclosures – are there trends when quality is considered too? Are there correlations between franchisors that make disclosures and performance? (Or possibly the other way around – what do franchisors that don’t make disclosures look like?) Is there higher continuity, fewer terminations, less litigation? What does it look like for a franchisee to have a better business plan? Are they able to get financing quicker and at better terms? What are the FUND scores for those brands that make the best disclosures? Do franchisees make decisions about purchasing a franchise faster?

Speakers: Darrell Johnson, CFE, President & CEO, FRANdata; Dean Heyl, CFE, Vice President, Public Policy & Tax Counsel, International Franchise Association; Steve Smits, Chief Credit Officer, Live Oak Bank


FRANdata Attendees:

Darrell Johnson CFE, CEO FRANdata

Mari Millard VP of Research, FRANdata

For More Information: IFA Legal Symposium 



Wisconsin Lender’s Conference


Be In It To Win It with Winning Franchise Brands

Edith Wiseman, President at FRANdata is joined by Kendall Richmond, Chief Financial Officer at Topper’s Pizza in this session that will talk about how to compete in SBA franchise lending with confidence. This workshop will provide small business lenders key insights into the world of franchise finance and to know which deals they should aggressively pursue, and how to process quickly and know which risks can be mitigated versus those that should stop the deal. Attendees will benefit from FRANdata’s more than 25 years’ experience studying the franchise industry and 15+ years providing lenders risk management tools on the Franchise Registry, and a franchisor’s response to the risk issues that FRANdata reviews.

FRANdata Attendees: Edith Wiseman CFE, President FRANdata

For More Information: Wisconsin Lenders Conference