Franchisee Recruitment

The right franchisees can mean the difference between success and failure in a franchisee recruitment program- even for an established, thriving brand. Undeniably, possessing a targeted contact list adds immense value to reaching franchise system development goals. Franchise systems include hundreds- sometimes thousands- of individual small business owners, and we know that this untapped network is the key to maximizing franchise sales while minimizing effort.

We know that franchisees are a primary building block of a franchise brand, and good ones can be hard to find. For the past 25 years FRANdata has been building the most comprehensive database for franchise information in the industry.  Our database contains thousands of contacts for franchisees of every brand in the U.S.  Contact lists are supplied directly by the franchisors, meaning FRANdata is able to provide the most accurate and complete contact information available to our clients.

The most comprehensive franchise database is available to you:

  • More than 430,000 franchised unit locations in 230 industries
  • 210,000 franchisees and 42,000 multi-unit operators
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