Franchisor Webinar: Understanding Free Data Resources That Can Impact Your Business Planning

Gather direct insight on what relevant census data is available to you, how to access the information and most importantly, how to leverage the data to make better decisions and plan for franchise growth. Get a sneak peek at what the upcoming 2018 Economic Census has in store and how you can help spread the word.
This webinar will deep dive into business cases that cover: 
  • Market strategy
  • Prospect targeting and recruitment
  • Site selection
  • Performance comparison




Join Paul Santomauro, Lender Support Specialist at FRANdata, as he discusses prudent franchise underwriting using the tools available on the Franchise Registry. See how to access time-saving, risk-mitigating tools on the Franchise Registry.

Learn how franchise brands with a 0% SBA charge-off rates can have subprime franchise credit. Understand how the Franchise Registry can power Underwriting, Marketing and Business Development at your institution.