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FUND Subscription

Best-in-Class Franchise Underwriting

FUND Subscription


FUND Subscription

  • Best-in-Class Franchise Underwriting – FUND Scores & FUND Reports
  • FRUNS database with monthly updates
  • Immediate enterprise access
  • Cost and time savings

Enterprise-level access to the complete library of FUND Reports and the Franchise Registry’s information and underwriting tools. 

Streamline your underwriting and business development processes.   A FUND Subscription provides your team with a unified source for franchise analytics and loan approval needs.

 The subscription will:

  • Improve portfolio outcomes
  • Franchise analysis over a 7-10 year period to provide performance insights through an entire economic cycle and the average life of a loan
    • Provide details for loan write-up
    • Provide focus for underwriters
    • Provide a set of standards to apply underwriting rulesSave your Credit Officers & BDOs time
  • Improve your ability to monitor portfolio performance: The FRUNS monthly updates ensures that you have every franchise coded correctly in your database to monitor portfolio performance
  • Provide extra http://www.frandata.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/FRANdata-Lender-Solutions_FUND-Subscription_Data-1.pdfprotection with regulators


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