Measuring Opportunity, Planning Strategically

Franchise Market Research

The cornerstone of growth for an expanding business is based on a foundation of market research. It is no longer enough to be customer-centric, for many businesses it is now the age of being customer-obsessed. Understanding buying behavior, demographics, growth potential, franchise system dynamics is crucial, and being savvy enough to predict a prospective customer’s problem right before it starts — is the new normal. FRANdata’s franchise market research solutions enables data-driven insights that combine the data from the largest database of franchise information in the world and more than 25 years of franchise analysis.

We arm our clients with marketing and sales-specific tools that map precisely who, why, how and when market entry needs to occur. Our advance analytical capability goes from macro to micro- satisfying the needs of all levels and departments within our client’s organization.


Survey & Executive Interview 


  • Statistically relevant qualitative analysis
  • Design targeted survey to retrieve specific answers
  • Conduct interviews via appropriate platforms
  • Aggregate information to analyze trends in responses
  • Expose  specific responses we believe to be especially constructive for understanding the examined issue and advancing our clients’ solutions
  • Produce a deliverable detailing the industry trends, research results, and our expert opinion for the client’s next steps


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