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Coleman Report Offers Tools to Lower Risk in Franchise Lending

FRANdata FUND™ Reports Available On Hundreds of Franchises

The unprecedented rise of franchise lending has opened up a need for a systematized and reliable underwriting tool which would assist with compliance efficiencies and due diligence reporting when it comes to franchise financing.  FRANdata, the recognized authority in franchise performance metrics has created a franchise credit scoring system and detailed brand report precisely to address this need.  The FUND scoring and report is the most comprehensive and detailed publicly available report produced for lenders. In an effort to make FUND available to a larger group of small business lenders, FRANdata has entered into an agreement with the Coleman Report to offer this franchise underwriting tool to the small business lending community. Con’t reading here.   



The International Franchise Association (IFA) and FRANdata have expanded their strategic research partnership into 2016. This ongoing partnership provides the IFA with access to the information, analytics and strategic expertise that FRANdata, the leading research and advisory company, has to offer. FRANdata provides comprehensive research on franchising activity in the U.S. and Australia.

Our ongoing research relationship with FRANdata is extremely valuable in our efforts to create greater awareness and understanding of franchising by the public, the media, and policymakers. -John Reynolds CFE, President of the International Franchise Association


1851 Franchise Talks With FRANdata CEO Darrell Johnson About The State Of Franchising Entering Q3

Darrell Johnson’s (CEO of FRANdata) interview with Brian Jaeger on the current state and outlook for Franchising for the rest of 2016 and beyond.

Franchise Industry Details, Trend Data Gaining Accuracy

Edith Wiseman, CFE, And Anya Nowakowski

FRANData research helps bring order to industry data chaos. Latest report shows 377 new concepts launched in just past three quarters.

Before 2013 you might have (erroneously) concluded that franchising as a whole was performing much worse than it was actually. For years, the U.S. Small Business Administration struggled to capture accurate data on franchise brands. This was widely known, but because the information was convenient, it was also widely used. The problem stemmed in part from the inadequacy of the classification system.

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