Location, location, location. Once location was king. But industry ‘disruptors’ and online business have been gamechangers, says Darrell Johnson CFE, CEO of FRANdata.

“We have seen explosive growth in the home care and senior care market, largely driven by franchise brands and franchisees seeking to capitalize on the aging U.S. population,” says John Reynolds, president of the International Franchise Association’s Franchise Education & Research Foundation. FRANdata states there are about 90 senior care franchise brands with more than […]

Some creative and precocious millennial minds have discovered an alternative to traditional entrepreneurship: franchising. According to FRANdata, a market research firm that analyzes franchise performance and operations, 9 percent of all franchises are currently owned by millennials, and the trend is growing. Over the next 10 to 15 years, the majority of existing franchisees will […]

Ritwik Donde, senior research analyst at FRANdata, says starting out in the franchise business through a home-based brand, or a mobile concept—which are what most low-cost franchises look like—would help first-time franchisees eliminate lease/mortgage costs.

U.S. franchise brands are increasingly providing financial performance data to prospective investors and lenders, helping create more transparency for prospective franchise owners and greater access to capital from lenders, according to a new report by FRANdata conducted for the Franchise Education and Research Foundation. The report shows franchise companies are increasingly seeing the value of […]