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Franchise Times: Good News: ‘Zors Providing Better Financial Info

Like any investment, franchising is a gamble for those considering putting their money on the line. To that end, we encourage all players in the industry to disclose as much financial information as possible. A new report by FRANdata suggests franchisors are getting the hint. According to ...

Franchise Update: The Coming Recession: What Lessons Can We Learn In Advance?- Darrell Johnson CEO, FRANdata

One of the economic truths for the U.S. economy is that we have recessions, and the next one is coming. Maybe not in the next month or even the next year, but it is coming. We have had 11 recessions since WWII and are currently in the second longest-running recovery of those 11 recessions. Time ...

1851: Top 25 Home and Garden Brands to Watch in 2017

Anya Nowakowski, Senior Research Analyst with FranData, notes that the real estate industry has added 21 franchise brands since 2013, amounting to 26.6 percent of the real estate industry. Coffee? Workout gym? Cleaning service? The top franchises in N.J. cover it all

From haircutting to iconic fast food restaurants, New Jersey is home to hundreds of franchise brands, with franchising loans accounting for a major share of the U.S. Small Business Administration's loan approvals in the state. A list of the top 25, based on the number of outlets, complied by ...

Press Release: Celtic Bank Integrates FRANdata’s Franchise Performance Scoring and Methodology

Celtic Bank is integrating FRANdata’s proven franchise scoring system (FUND Score) into their franchise portfolio management system. This integration ensures that both franchisees and franchisors who do business with Celtic Bank will benefit from franchise loans that are administered faster, ...

Changes in SBA Policy Will Affect Thousands of Franchisors

SBA senior staff announced that the long-awaited changes to the franchise affiliation process are about to be issued through the release of a new SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) which will be effective January 1, 2017 at the earliest.

Forbes: Methodology Behind The Best And Worst Franchise Rankings

Forbes commissioned FRANdata to develop a methodology that ranks franchise brands based on historical performance while appealing to prospective franchisees.

Press Release: ReadyCap Launches Military Veteran Franchise Lending Program (MVP)

In support of the Small Business Administration’s (SBA) Veteran’s week, ReadyCap Lending, a leading non-bank small business lender, is proud to announce an exclusive military veteran franchise SBA lending program.

Forbes: Ranking America's Best And Worst Franchises: Which Are The Best Investments?

The third annual list of best and worst franchises in America