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Improve financing outcomes for your franchisees

Financing Eligibility Service

Gain control over your franchise system’s credit perception

Speedier Financing, Less Hassle 

State of Lending Practices Today:

Lenders are making decisions that affect your franchise system based on information you have never seen.  This information is used as a representation of your franchise system whether it is a true depiction or not of your creditworthiness.

  • To make small business franchise lending more profitable, lenders are now using significantly enhanced credit tools to quickly assess creditworthiness.
  • To help you gain control, we have enhanced our financing eligibility service on the Franchise Registry to give you visibility into the franchise credit assessment tools that lenders are using to assess you.

The service provides you with access to the same loan underwriting information that lenders are using to testimonialdetermine your franchise system’s creditworthiness and your franchisees’ loan terms.
Take control of your fundability perception through the financing eligibility service.

Enhanced Services

The services added to your yearly financing eligibility service are all geared towards improving your financing outcomes by giving you control of the perception of your franchise system’s credit worthiness.  The service will:

  • Give you access to your franchise system’s credit score and the report detailing how the score was achieved
  • Provide you with consultation from financing experts on steps you can take to improve your credit score and the implications of taking those actions
  • Provide specific workable steps to improve your franchise system’s “fundability”
  • Give you details of your current SBA ratings and specific loan details of your franchisees
  • Enable speedier financing with less hassles for you and your franchisees because all of your brand documentation is readily accessible

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