Lender: The Franchise Registry and the New SBA SOP

Updated with latest insights and back by popular demand! Join Edith Wiseman, President of FRANdata as she maps out how the Franchise Registry will  help you in 2017 and beyond.
This webinar will reflect up-to-the-moment
insights  on franchise and lender concerns/actions regarding the new SBA Franchise SOP.
We will also cover the most commonly asked questions on the new SOP coming from our lender members.
The Webinar will cover:
  • How to find out which franchises are using the SBA Addendum and which are not
  • What should be your areas of concern? Know what the new addendum covers and what it does not
  • Most importantly, feel free to ask questions or get clarifications on the new SBA SOP

March 28th 2:00-3:00PM EST 

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Franchisor: Are SBA Programs at Risk? The New SBA Franchise SOP and the Franchise Registry

In just the past 6 months SEVEN Congressional committees have sought to investigate various SBA related concerns that they believe pose greater risks to taxpayers. SBA loan volume and SBA-guaranteed premiums are at all-time highs.  Among many Congressional concerns is whether lending incentives to book bad loans has arisen.

What does this all mean? It is vital that you:

  • Understand and adapt to the constantly changing regulatory landscape
  • Protect your brand’s credit-risk perception
  • Stay ahead of looming franchise finance hurdles in order to clear the way for your franchisee to get approved for financing
This webinar, will equip you with the tools you need to help lenders resolve uncertainties around working with your brand. REMOVE franchise hurdles so lenders can focus on your franchisees. Improve processing times for lenders means faster ramp up times for your franchisees.

This free Webinar will cover:

    • Lender perspective
      • SBA’s new standard SOP simplifies one process but also creates new responsibilities for lenders that you can help solve
      • Understand how lenders are seeking and underwriting franchise loan opportunities in 2017
      • Learn how your membership and the Franchise Registry’s new capabilities can help lenders improve the flow of capital to your franchisees
    • Franchisor action items 
      • NEW: What questions lenders will be asking you and what your options are
      • NEW: The REVISED February 14th SBA Notice and what that means to you
      • What you can do now to help lenders adjust to these changes and increase your appeal
      • What you can do to improve lender perception
      • Most importantly, take this time to ask questions you may have on the SOP changes as well as capital availability in 2017, and the shifting approach to franchise loan origination and underwriting (including franchise system credit scoring).

March 29th 2:00-3:00PM EST 

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