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Forbes Best & Worst Franchises 2019

June 19th, 2019 by Chen Wang

Forbes commissioned FRANdata yet again to analyze the over 3200 franchise brands in the United States. We measured them according to 5 main criteria which Forbes deemed important for prospective franchise investors to measure–  system sustainability, system demand, value for investment, franchisor support, and franchisor stability. The value for investment score is comprised of various components including the ratio of sales to initial investment, transparency into franchisees’ operating expenses and potential profitability, and the level of support the franchisor provides to franchisees.

The ability to analyze the universe of franchising makes FRANdata uniquely equipped to answer the strategic needs of different market perspectives —

  • For Franchisors, we can put into perspective how their performance stacks against their competitors, marketing messaging creation and validation
  • For franchise lenders, we expand from the 5 criteria we use with Forbes and use 12 powerful metrics in creating franchise credit (FUND) scores which help determine a franchise’s credit worthiness.
  • For companies who are selling into franchising, we can pick and analyze their ideal franchisor targets. We have the experience and information necessary to measure the universe of brands and quantify your market opportunity, find and understand your target market, or determine how successful your product can be in the franchise space

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