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August 14th, 2018 by Melinda Modica

Almost 50% of Emerging Franchise Are Looking to Outsource Technology Functions

Technology, Construction, Marketing, Real Estate, Legal Counsel — Among Top Functions That They are Looking to Outsource

The emerging brand population is not insignificant. FRANdata adds 1-2 franchisors to its database each day. These franchisors tend to be smaller or new to franchising. In the last quarter alone, the largest franchisor within this segment has 26 franchised units and 44 company owned units. However, the average has 3 company-owned units, and 1 franchised unit.

Becoming a valued supplier when a franchisor is just starting out allows a vendor to scale with a lower likelihood to be unseated by their competition in the future. 

It is a common misconception that emerging franchises (brands who have been franchising less than 5 years) are too “small” to be looking for partners to outsource specific functions of their brands to. FRANdata, along with the International Franchise Association (IFA) ran a study of more than 1700 emerging brands and found that in most cases the opposite proves to be true, emerging brands do look for partners to bring in not only relief from limited bandwidth but also expertise in a specific function, such as marketing, legal matters, real estate, and various other roles.


FRANdata has the largest database of constantly updated franchise information in the world. Based on a meticulously maintained set of franchise lists provided by franchisors.and appended with information from top database aggregators as well as proprietary in-market intel.  Because of this, FRANdata has a first-look advantage with emerging franchise brands. We are the only company that tracks all franchise brands in the United States and verifies their viability in the marketplace. Subscribers of the New Concept Report, a monthly report on new brands that enter franchising, integrate its information and contact components into their ongoing franchise selling strategy, as well as their marketing planning, to support their long term business development goals.

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