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Franchise systems are an excellent sales vertical for your products and services.  Collectively the industry represents more than $800 billion contribution to the GDP according to a study by IHS Economics.

What’s more, there are two unique characteristics of a franchise system which make selling to them easier than selling to independent businesses:

  • first, because each business location is a template of the other, their needs are predictable and the sale is replicable;
  • second, because the system acts like a network, if you become a preferred or recommended supplier by the franchisor, you will automatically reach each individual franchised business.

However finding and positioning yourself to these companies is complicated. Franchise companies vary in size, sophistication and need. They span more than 230 industries, split 60-40 between food brands and non-food brands and range from startups to multi-national corporations with tens of thousands of units.

FRANdata can help you make the most of the sales opportunity within the franchising industry.  We can help you understand the size of the market, identify the criteria that make up your best prospects, perform traditional market research activities such as surveying likely purchasers, and even provide you with contact lists for outbound sales and marketing activities.

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