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New Concept Report 2016 Volume 2

August 5th, 2016 by Sunny Jay Sabuero

Whether you subscribe to FRANdata’s New Concept Report or not there is always something interesting for franchise nerds (like us) . Here are a few fun facts as analyzed by Edith Wiseman president extraordinaire at FRANdata —

  • 11 franchisors added a new franchise concept to their portfolio
  • California & Texas have the greatest number of new franchise brands.
  • 10 brands are from other countries
  • This quarter’s subscription has a few brands featured on TV or are loosely connected to a TV show.
  • The Wahlburg brothers have put their famous name to good use.  Their flagship Wahlburgers location generates close to $5 million in revenue.  This is the same location highlighted in the A&E special.
  • Cryotherapy is hot new trend in weight loss and recovery for athletes.  Glace Cryotherapy (who was featured on Shark Tank) is now offering its services inside of LA Fitness clubs.
  • Interesting and new —   Spy Games LLC produces reality television and is an affiliate of the Spy School franchise.
  • Air craft and auto simulation franchise is the next generation of video game retailers – $40 a simulation at Squadron Ops Sim Center.

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