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Operational Best Practices

FRANdata examines the complex operational needs of franchise businesses and crunches the numbers to help franchisors turn ideas into empowered decisions, avoiding the uncertainty of whether they are reaching the ideal balance between financial returns and operational and support efficiency. The big data available to franchisors isn’t always complete, and worse, can be discouragingly overwhelming.

FRANdata benchmarks all of the operational big data for franchise brands, including but not limited to: use of technology, suppliers and vendors, advertising implementation, training and support, system continuity, franchisee fee contributions, and expenses and profits at the corporate and unit levels. Knowing how industry and direct competitors fair in comparison provides a context for boosting efficiency and quality in a franchise brand. We’ve seen the indisputable value in knowing both how companies thrive through operations and fail by them. We uncover these specifics to assist franchise brands in accelerating their operational success to turn a bigger profit and boost the quality of their products and services. With more than 40,000 FDDs , over 15,000 franchise executive contacts, and more than two decades of franchise-specific knowledge within 230 industries, FRANdata is a top-valued resource of franchisors across the globe when constructing best operating practices.

Solution/ service:

  • Discover changes to technology programs and equipment being implemented and the expected benefits
  • Provide available information on suppliers and vendors utilized across the industry
  • Compare competitor marketing programs and implementation of advertising
  • Examine training programs and ongoing education programs
  • Benchmark profit and loss figures at the unit and corporate levels
  • Analyze success rates of the systems’ franchised units
  • Accommodate custom demands for specialized operational knowledge upon clients’ request

Operational studies are a central component of FRANdata’s offerings to the franchise community. Contact us to learn how our knowledge can be your success. Sample projects may be available to prospective clients.

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