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ReadyCap Launches Military Veteran Franchise Lending Program (MVP)

November 10th, 2016 by Sunny Jay Sabuero

New Providence, New Jersey — In support of the Small Business Administration’s (SBA) Veteran’s week, ReadyCap Lending, a leading non-bank small business lender, is proud to announce an exclusive military veteran franchise SBA lending program.  Called the Military Veteran Franchise Business Ownership (MVP) Lending Program, this platform reaffirms ReadyCap’s commitment to supporting the SBA’s mission of empowering military veterans through entrepreneurial training and special access to capital programs.

President of ReadyCap John Moshier, himself a veteran, is dedicated to helping military veterans achieve business ownership and economic freedom. According to Moshier, “Honorable veterans have sacrificed so much for our country.  At ReadyCap we felt a responsibility to set up this program, which helps veterans join exceptional franchise systems as business owners. ReadyCap will be working with an exclusive set of franchise brands that have gone through a rigorous vetting process by the leader in franchise performance and analysis, FRANdata.”

The MVP program will provide specialized access to lending packages and terms that open doors to entrepreneurial veterans who wish to enter franchising. “Veterans are historically some of the most successful owners of franchise brands because of the training and discipline they learned during their service.  When you couple their drive and their ability to execute, with franchising’s unique capacity to train, support and guide, you end up with a powerful combination,” notes Edith Wiseman, President of FRANdata.   “By leveraging FRANdata’s franchise credit scores (FUND scores) and expert advice in their vetting process, ReadyCap is able to align with high performing franchises, resulting in the best possible outcomes for all involved – veterans, franchisors, SBA, taxpayers and shareholders.”

“As the largest small business lending company (SBLC) chartered by SBA with a small business loan portfolio of more than $1.0 billion, ReadyCap is well positioned to meet the franchise financing needs of the military veteran community. FRANdata is proud to support ReadyCap in this endeavor,” says Wiseman.



About ReadyCap  Lending  

ReadyCap Lending, LLC, is a licensed small-business lending company offering SBA 7(a) loans up to $5 million to small businesses throughout the United States. Based in New Providence, NJ, ReadyCap Lending is a subsidiary of ReadyCap Commercial, LLC, a wholly owned indirect subsidiary of Sutherland Partners, L.P., the general partner of which is Sutherland Asset Management Corporation (“Sutherland”). Sutherland, which is organized as a real estate investment trust, acquires, originates, manages and finances commercial real estate loans, and to a lesser extent, asset-backed securities where the underlying pool of assets consists primarily of commercial real estate loans and other real estate-related investments. ReadyCap Lending is an SBA Preferred Lender, and has a dedicated Veteran Community Development program for military veterans. For more information, visit readycaplending.com, or call 800-713-4984.

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