What FRANdata Thinks

Franchisees are the faceless owners and power behind franchise brands. Traditionally, this has been important because consumers don’t care who owns the business. They just care about product consistency and the brand experience. So why is this important? As investors, knowing more about franchisees is crucial because: You may be interested in identifying franchisee acquisition […]

It is not just the restaurant space that is abuzz with M&A activity, senior care industry is also seeing high acquisition trends in recent years. In 2017, there were 115 M&A transactions involving hospitals and health systems, marking the highest level of activity in at least 17 years.[1] So far, there have been 84 home […]

Franchising as a business model has always been about scale: taking a good concept and creating a great brand through the local owners acting as brand ambassadors. But as the top fills out for private equity investments, a more interesting trend is the rise of M&A activity in the mid-market franchise segment, which has many […]

The M&A story in the franchise world continues to roll on as we head into mid-2018. FRANdata identified 14 major transactions that took place in 2018, up to June. While 2017 was marked by private equity interest in mid-to-small sized franchises, the trend for this year marks the beginning of private exits from legacy franchise […]

Mergers and acquisitions within franchisees have become more of a commonplace over the past three years as resale activity gain traction in franchising; take, for instance, the levels of transfer activity in franchise systems. These have increased from slightly over 3% to almost 5% between 2014 and 2017, according FRANdata’s internal database. From the looks […]