What FRANdata Thinks

Things are getting interesting. Government programs got us through the pandemic, but now they are winding down. The next big crisis has not revealed itself, but we have plenty of significant problems to consider as franchising plans for the next few years of growth. There are two topics I would suggest franchisors focus on to […]

Well… we saw this coming for franchise lending. What we alerted you about in our last communication is about to happen. SBA will no longer be in the business of determining franchise affiliation. The deadline for the comment period is December 27th, 2022. Read the proposed rule here – https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2022/10/26/2022-23167/affiliation-and-lending-criteria-for-the-sba-business-loan-programs “SBA proposes to remove paragraph (f)(5), affiliation […]

With 2023 planning well under way, it would be helpful to know what kind of economy we’re heading into. While it’s clear we’re heading into an uncertain 18–24 months, there are enough indicators to form some base assumptions. Will there be franchise growth in a recession? Let’s start with the consumer. In 2021, we saw […]

Franchise Unit Consolidation on the rise. Read more for the current franchise development outlook.

We are deep enough into the pandemic to more clearly see consumer patterns. The initial brunt of inflation has been absorbed and its implications are better understood. Labor shortages and supply chain issues coursing through the economy are revealing their impact. We’re far enough into 2022 to start seeing a picture of how franchise development […]

We clearly are seeing the impact of inflation as it increases operating costs across supply and labor inputs in 2022. Is there relief coming from this profit-eroding upward pressure? Small-business owners began signaling inflation concerns in the summer of 2021 and now it’s become a major concern. The most recent NFIB Small Business Economic Trends […]