What FRANdata Thinks

As you begin to plan for 2022 and beyond, you now have another consideration. It’s been so long since we’ve had inflation concerns, it’s time to understand what that means for the economy, business, and your company’s profitability. As I noted in FRANdata’s annual economic forecast presentation at the Multi-Unit Franchising Conference in early September, […]

We’ve seen this play out many times. The economy takes a dramatic downturn and during the recovery new companies arise with products and services tailored to a more rapidly evolving market. Existing companies try to keep up, and/or their franchisors are reluctant to do the hard work to make the necessary changes. There are many […]

Whenever we undergo a dramatic economic change, there is a lot of movement of capital. In the past 10 years in franchising, we’ve seen a lot of outside investment capital (which I’ll refer to here as PE) move into brand acquisitions. Initially, and for the most part, this was done as one-off acquisitions. More recently, […]

Looking at what’s changed in 2020 because of Covid – and what changes might be permanent – let’s start with the biggest driver of economic activity: consumers. A majority of the more than 2,000 people surveyed by Jones Lang LaSalle said they want to continue working away from the office at least two days a […]

Every crisis creates brand winners and losers. This one is no different. Eventual brand winners will be those that best understood the long-term implications during the crisis and reimagined their businesses from the ground up. I’m not yet prepared to forecast the winners, but I can raise some questions that might help multi-unit operators consider […]