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Inflation is a force that can significantly impact businesses, and for franchise owners, understanding its effects is crucial for long-term success. Through a comprehensive longitudinal study we , we’ve gained valuable insights into how inflation is shaping the landscape for franchisee businesses. This year’s study builds upon the foundation laid by last year’s research, providing […]

Things are getting interesting. Government programs got us through the pandemic, but now they are winding down. The next big crisis has not revealed itself, but we have plenty of significant problems to consider as franchising plans for the next few years of growth. There are two topics I would suggest franchisors focus on to […]

Many businesses face significant hurdles when it comes to finding franchisee decision makers. Clients often come to us frustrated, realizing that what seemed like a simple task has turned into a complex and time-consuming process. Here are several reasons why locating accurate franchisee contact data can be so challenging: 1. Franchising: A Business Model, Not […]

In the face of economic challenges and changing market dynamics, franchisee recruitment takes creativity and agility. Franchisors need to adopt innovative strategies to recruit the right franchisees. Here are some effective approaches to consider when it comes to franchisee recruitment: Expand your Franchisee Recruitment Network: Franchisors should tap into their existing network of vendors, franchise […]

Domino’s franchisees can be characterized as loyal with deep roots in the system – some, if not most, have decades’ experience either working at Dominos or owning and running their business.  Unlike other franchisees, they don’t tend to diversify into other brands. The FRANdata Playbook provides insights to empower your sales and marketing strategies. Know […]


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