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Over  9,000 lenders subscribe to the franchise registry, many of whom rely on FRANdata’s FUND Scoring system as the primary consideration to determine which franchise brands to work with and what loan terms to offer. Lenders with over a trillion dollars of assets rely on the FUND Score to assess credit risks. To understand how […]

As we head toward 2019 how should we describe today’s multi-unit (MU) and multi-brand (MB) operators? I suspect the answer to that question is about to change. Let’s look at what’s happening to this very important part of the franchise business model and see if we can understand what it means for the future. MU […]

For the second quarter in a row franchises posted strong positive returns. In Q2-2019, franchise companies’ returns significantly outpaced those for both Russell 2000 and S&P 500. Non-food franchises outperformed their food counterparts, with latter losing further market capital as “go-private” deals for brands like Papa Murphy’s continued to impact the FRANdex in Q3. Returns […]

It is increasingly clear that we are near the end of the current economic expansion. While it hasn’t been a robust period, it has been a persistently improving one–and the second-longest growth period in modern U.S. history. What comes next? We have two sets of franchise-related insights into the economic period we’re likely heading into […]

On Franchise Management Programs: “For a long time, universities and their business schools had been indifferent towards franchising. It wasn’t an oversight that accounted for franchising never being taught in business schools. Business schools have just never seen the point..” Read more here. In the News: Yum! Brands Names PepsiCo’s Chris Turner CFO [QSR] Tijuana […]