What FRANdata Thinks

FRANdata has been championing franchise lending for more than 15 years. Aside from speaking to hundreds of Franchise Registry lenders members, we also go to several lender conferences every year, updating lenders on the outlook for franchising and the soundness of the business model while getting to the pulse of franchise lending straight from the […]

By Steve Mize of GCF Valuation Last year we wrote an article on how to value a “personal service” franchise. In the original article we discussed some of the concerns being a continued decline in revenue trends for this industry due to competition and overall saturation in the market, but more importantly the reliance on […]

FRANdata identified 85 new franchise brands across 18 industries in Q2 2021. A majority of new brandsoperated in the Quick Service Restaurant industry, followed by the health and fitness vertical.Despite the impact of the pandemic, 19% of all new brands identified in this quarter were QSR concepts,with a number of them offering ethnic menu items […]

We’ve seen this play out many times. The economy takes a dramatic downturn and during the recovery new companies arise with products and services tailored to a more rapidly evolving market. Existing companies try to keep up, and/or their franchisors are reluctant to do the hard work to make the necessary changes. There are many […]

The SBA Directory helps lenders check if a brand CAN obtain SBA financing, while the Franchise Registry is utilized by lenders to see if brands SHOULD obtain financing. What is the difference between the SBA Directory and the Franchise Registry? We use the umbrella term “lenders” but, in reality, a loan does not pass through […]


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